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Zambia Elections 2021

Other parties

  1. Agenda for Development Party for the people (ADP)
  2. Agenda for Zambia
  3. Alliance For a Better Zambia
  4. Common Cause for Democracy
  5. Forum for Democracy and Development
  6. Green Party of Zambia (Greens)
  7. Heritage Party
  8. National Alliance Party (NAP)
  9. National Democratic Focus
  10. National Restoration Party
  11. People’s Convention Independence Party (PCIP)
  12. Poor People’s party
  13. Republican Progressive Party Zambia
  14. Social Democratic Party
  15. Socialist Party Zambia
  16. ULP
  17. UNIP
  18. Zambians For Empowerment and Development (ZED)
  19. Zambia Republican Party
  20. United Party for National Development (UPND)

source: Wikipedia

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